American Girl Doll Review

My daughter was never really into playing with dolls, and I was totally okay with that.  Not just because it has been fun that she is mostly into things that I am into, but because it really disgust me what kind of dolls there are for little girls to choose from.

As we walk down the toy isle at the store, it seemed like there were 2 choices,…do you want a lame poorly made baby doll, or a skank doll  that looks like it is dressed to be a decoy on the show To Catch a Predator?  You know what kind of doll I mean, they look like once you open the box you get to learn what secret STD your doll has.  Or maybe it comes with a matching sticker tattoo to put on your lower back, just like your doll.

Seriously, do the toy companies really think I would bring one of these tramp dolls home for my 7 year old?  It was a sigh of relief that my daughter had expressed no interest.

Lillian looks through the options for Saige's new hair style.

Lillian looks through the options for Saige’s new hair style.

This last Christmas Santa brought an American Girl Doll, and I thought, “That will be fun for her for a few minutes.”  Boy was I wrong.  The American Girl Doll is the one Christmas present that Lillian still plays with 4 months later (Mad props to Santa on that one).  In fact, Lillian has been obsessed with it; taking her Saige doll everywhere, dressing like her, taking care of her, buying the things for the doll that the doll is interested in etc.


Seeing the way Lillian takes care of her doll is impressive.  She means business.  It is almost like she has a pet, a very high maintenance pet.


And as I dad, I am thankful.  Thank you to American Girl for bringing back innocence to a child’s doll.  It reminds me of the dolls my sisters would play with in the 80′s.  To them, they were real.  Back then, there was a special bond between girls and their dolls.  Thank you for bringing that back.  Thank you for providing a quality, fashionable, innocent product that I can share with my daughter.

Brandon Judd

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